These Clear Deli Containers are perfect for packaging dips, sauces, salads, meals, and more. They are clear, allowing for the easy identification of contents and are great for packaging takeout orders. Perfect for preventing messy leaks or spills, the lid snaps firmly into place to keep containers airtight and leak-resistant, and keep food tasting fresh and delicious. Reusable, these containers are the ultimate storage or takeout option. To learn more about our selection of deli containers, be sure to read our .


BPA-Free Bisphenol A is a chemical used to make plastics & resins
High levels can have harmful effects
BPA-free products do not contain BPA


Food Storage Pre-package meals
Store ingredients such as garlic cloves, seasonings, fruit and vegetables, or raw meat for meal prep
Great for packaging pasta, salads, pickles, soup, and more
Takeout Orders Package leftovers or takeout
Lids will not pop off during transport
Designed to lock in heat
Whole container can be placed in the microwave to reheat food items


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12 oz. Clear Deli Containers and Lids, Case of 240